Class Downloads

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Date Recorded Title Presenter File
2018-09-05 From Facts to Faith Douglas Jacoby Download
2018-09-05 From Facts to Faith - Q&A Douglas Jacoby Download
2018-05-30 The New Covenant - Part 2 Rodwell Mugochi Download
2018-05-16 The New Covenant - Part 1 Rodwell Mugochi Download
2017-11-15 Journey to Manhood (Men's Midweek) Andy Blocker & Havier Amaya Download
2017-11-01 Reflecting On 2017 (Women's Midweek) Laura Genis Download
2017-10-18 Warriors - Selfishness (Men's Midweek) Justin Louw Download
2017-09-20 Warriors: Being a Warrior to the Lost (Men's Midweek) Jacques Genis Download
2017-09-06 Victim Mindset (Women's Midweek) Annamarie Botha Download
2017-08-23 Warriors - Pride (Men's Midweek) Jacques Genis Download
2017-06-14 Faith - (Women's Midweek) Lynn Ottenweller Download
2017-06-10 Race and Kingdom Michael Burns Download
2017-04-29 Reach Conference - April 2017: (1) Reach Up Robert Carillo Download
2017-04-29 Reach Conference - April 2017: (2) Reach Out Doug Arthur Download
2017-04-29 Reach Conference - April 2017: (3) Parenting Class - 0-10yr Mike & Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro Download
2017-04-05 Warriors Part 2 - Heart Diseases (Men's Midweek) Marc Jarchow Download
2017-03-08 Warriors Part 1 - God is Calling You (Men's Midweek) Rodwell Mugochi Download
2017-01-11 What Do We Pray For in 2017 Ivor Botha Download
2016-09-21 Parable of the Prodical Son (Men's Midweek) JJ & Andrew Download
2016-07-31 The Power of Vulnerability - Part 2 Lebo Parkies Download